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How to Make the BEST Vanilla Cupcakes (Full)

Today, I’m going to show you how to make it the perfect, vanilla, cupcake, you will be shocked by how tasty it is. Its actually, my friend’s favorite thing that I make my most requested item ever at private kitchen.

Lets get started first off we’re gon na, be sifting all of our dry ingredients into a large bowl. I have 1 and 2/3 cups of all-purpose flour, so sift it out. Sifting is important because 1, it aerates things helps you mix things up together more easily and prevents any clumps from getting in the quarter. Teaspoon baking soda a teaspoon of baking powder 1 cup of granulated sugar, finishing off with a quarter teaspoon of kosher salt. Now, let’s get all together before we start with the wet ingredients, we’re gon na separate the egg whites from the yolks we’re not going to use the yolks this time, just because they’re a little bit more yellow than I’d like, and I want to keep that cake.

Nice and bright and white into my bowl: three egg: whites at room temperature: 1/2, a cup of sour cream at room temperature and half a cup of milk. I actually like to use warm milk for this sweetie spoons of vanilla extract. Now, let’s give the whisk before we add our next ingredient in our final wet ingredient is 3/4 of a cup of unsalted butter at room temperature, and I get a ton of questions on the blog about this step of the cake, you’re gon na. Add it into your batter, you can totally use an electric mixer mine broke eyes, never bother to get a new one. So right now you can see the butter is all clumped up. It almost looks like cottage cheese. Thats fine because now we’re gon na fold in our dry ingredients and it’s gon na be all ok now we’re adding our dry ingredients to the wet. Its a really simple recipe and just mix it in now. Its time to add your cupcake papers into that tin. Using an ice cream scoop to add in all of my cupcake batter, it really helps me get an even amount of batter into each cupcake you’re gon na bake these at 350 for 15 to 20 minutes or until the centers are set. You might want to turn it around to if your oven has some hot spots, I’m making just a simple vanilla, buttercream, really easy, just like three or four ingredients: it’s a crowd-pleaser.

If you wanted to be even smoother and creamier and less sweet, you can click up over here for my how to make Italian buttercream video and give that a try, really tasty, and if you think that American butter creams are too sweet, Italian buttercream is for you All right into my standing, mixer, I’m adding in one pound or about 450 grams of unsalted butter at room temperature and I’m using a paddle attachment to whip this up. Now we’re gon na mix on low or like maybe five minutes or just until it’s really creamy and soft okay, my butter is really creamy and very silly, as you can see now we’re going to sift in two pounds of confectioner sugar in two batches, so sift In a pound mix sift in the rest, if you think oh my gosh, this is so much sugar. You don’t have to use this much it’s to taste it’s at like any seasoning like salt or pepper, for this type of buttercream, just add as much sugar in as you’d like cover with a tea towel and mix on low for just a couple minutes until the Butter is incorporated with the sugar now we’re gon na add in a little bit of vanilla for flavoring, give it a mix you can see, because only half of the sugar is in here. It’s almost a bit soupy, it’s not going to be holding up its shape and it’s time for the rest of the sugar and add a couple tablespoons of cream just a little bit of a drizzle. So the consistency is nice and creamy, but still stiff enough to decorate with I’m also adding in a healthy pinch of salt to counteract all of that sweetness. It’S a nice balance. You can add a teaspoon of milk in just to get the consistency right. I want you to see that this is really nice and creamy, not a lot of air bubbles and the taste is perfect. Snip the tip off of your piping bag.

Add your desired tip, I’m using an eight forty-six, which is a large, closed star tip, but use anything that makes you happy and then add all that buttercream inter piping bag. Now it’s that magical moment where you’re adding that dollop of buttercream on it. So, does it by the way? Yes, you could add a tiny little schmear and it would taste delicious, but I love this over the top look. These cupcakes are a treat so go ahead and add, as much just makes you happy I’m using that 846 tip, but just by the way you could also use an 8b which is large, open, star, tip or really anything else. I’M squeezing the bag and lifting up very slowly, which gives me this ruffled effect. You can also move your hand around just a little bit back and forth to increase the ruffling and then, when you’re done you’re going to stop squeezing as hard and pull up. I wanted to see how these cupcakes would look with some confetti sprinkles kind of into it kind of got into it. These were so simple and easy to make that you’re gon na be very torn between wanting to keep the recipe of secrets that you are like. The master of vanilla, cupcakes and wanting to spread it to all of your friends, so they can make you some vanilla, cupcakes.